anti - anti-terrorist actions




[##:##] Command : anti <SECTS>

The anti-guerrilla command is used to remove che from any sector. The command take the following form:

[##:##] Command : anti <SECTS>

Once issued, the strength of the che is compared to the number of mil in the sector.  The maximum number of mil allowed to fight is equal to the mobility in the sector. Che receive a combat multiplier which may or may not make them tougher to kill. There are only three outcomes for this command.

  1. The mil kill all the che.  The sector is cleared (for now).
  2.       The che kill the mil.  The sector then returns to the old owner with most or all of the che reverting to mil.  The old owner is sent a telegram informing him of the event.
  3.       The battle is suspended when the mobility in the sector is used up.

          Each mil or che killed uses one mobility point.

Units do not participate in the anti command. A sector can revert to the old owner while your units are stuck in it.

Note that che are finicky. If you manage to lose a sector fighting them, they do unpredictable things.  They may all come out of hiding to join the military. A few may stay in hiding while the majority come out to join the military. Who knows what else they may do.


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