torpedo - Slip a torpedo to some poor sucker (from a sub or ship)




[##:##] Command : torpedo <submarine-SHIPS> <target-SHIP>

The torpedo command is used to shoot other naval vessels in a sneaky manner.

The <target-SHIP> argument is the victim ship number and the <submarine-SHIPS> argument is the number(s) of your submarine or other ship(s) with torpedo ability. The program will ask for these if not provided on the command line.

Your <submarine-SHIPS> must meet the following criteria:

  1.  It must have torpedo ability. (see Info: show)
  2.  It must have at least 1 gun (torpedo tube)
  3.  It must have at least 3 shells (3 shells = 1 torpedo)
  4.  It must be at least 60% efficient
  5.  It must have some mobility

Meeting all these criteria, your torpedo will be launched toward the victim ship and a countdown of seconds until the expected detonation will commence.

The range of a torpedo depends on the type of sub, and its tech level. Currently the range formula looks like this:

(frng) * (tech+50)/(tech+200)

[Note: frng comes from show ship capability]

If the target is out of range, you will be told so, (after your torpedo is in the water). See Info: Hitchance for the chance of a torpedo hitting its target.

If the target ship is not in a direct line of sight but in range, the torpedo will slam into land and you will be notified. Note that the victim ship will still see the torpedo being launched and can return a depth charge attack (see below.)

A hit will be reported to you as "BOOM!", See Info: Damage for the damage that a torpedo does.

In order to simulate the "real-time" situation, your mobility will be decremented by mobility equal to 1/2 the cost the torpedo-ship would pay to move a sector for each torpedo fired; if it goes to zero (or beyond) you will be forced to stick around.

Victims of submarine torpedoes get only told that a submarine attacked, not which one (so you can deny it).

The victim's only automatic protection against sub attacks is that any ship of his/hers that is capable of retaliating with depth charges or torpedoes will do so. This will reveal number and position of your submarine.

Against surface ships launching torpedo attacks, the victim gets to fire all his ships & sectors within range at the attackers BEFORE the attackers get to fire. Damage done by all defending ships is divided evenly over all attacking ships.


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